Belmont Filmhouse: MOVING MOVIES...  Hairspray + Shorts

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Belmont Filmhouse: MOVING MOVIES... Hairspray + Shorts

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Adam Shankman / USA, UK / 2007 / Digital / 117 minutes
Rated PG - Contains mild language and sex references
John Travolta, Michelle Pfieffer, Christopher Walken, Zac Efron, Nikki Blonsky

"We chose Hairspray because it is a very hard film not to love! It's a great mix of dance, song and comedy and one of the most comercially and critically successful musicals of the last decade. And if you need another reason to see it - John Travolta in drag!"

This Moving Movie screening will also feature two short films Own + Bodypoppin' Pixilation Animation.

Own is a new dance on film work commissioned by Belmont Filmhouse and made by young people from Aberdeen. Filming took place in April under the guidance of award-winning filmmaker Jen Randall and choreographer Nat McCleary.

Bodypoppin' Pixilation Animation is a short documentary about unique workshops run by Belmont Filmhouse for 9-14s featuring a collaboration between the animation technique of pixilation and the hip-hop dance style.

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