Belmont Filmhouse: MOVING MOVIES...  Singin' in the Rain + Shorts

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Belmont Filmhouse: MOVING MOVIES... Singin' in the Rain + Shorts

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Stanley Donan, Gene Kelly / USA / 1952 / Digital / 103 minutes
Rated U
Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds, Donald O'Connor, Jean Hagen.

"The classic dance movie set in the late 1920s, just at the time when silent films became talkies. This film is now fequently regarded as the best movie musical ever made."

This Moving Movie screening will also feature two short films Own + Bodypoppin' Pixilation Animation.

Own is a new dance on film work commissioned by Belmont Filmhouse and made by young people from Aberdeen. Filming took place in April under the guidance of award-winning filmmaker Jen Randall and choreographer Nat McCleary.

Bodypoppin' Pixilation Animation is a short documentary about unique workshops run by Belmont Filmhouse for 9-14s featuring a collaboration between the animation technique of pixilation and the hip-hop dance style.

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