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The Devil and the Clutch of Fools: A spontanous Marathon of Halloween Storytelling

  • Tue 31/10/2017
  • 10:00AM-10:00PM
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  • Scottish International Storytelling Festival

Children up to 10 (10am-12pm)
Young Adults 11-16 (12pm – 2pm)
Adults (2pm-10pm)

A chance for you to join in with a story of your telling, whoever you are! Young or old, grimy or beautiful, we all go into Halloween with a certain sense of foreboding, when the veil between light and dark is at its thinnest. This marathon storytelling event brings storytellers from different nations together with local people in a storytelling extravaganza, to face off against the demons of Halloween. All the stories will be woven and cobbled together under a spell of Machiavellian wit into a single story lasting 12 hours for this very first and one-time only time event. Come along if you dare! Hosted by storyteller Alexander Mackenzie.

10am (12hrs)| Free | All Ages

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