The Red Chair

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The Red Chair

  • TBC
  • Drama
  • 13-17, 18-25

Wed 8th March - Show starts 7.30pm - Buy tickets

Tickets £10, concession £8.

This intimate new show from Clod Ensemble has a dark, original fairy tale at its heart. "The Red Chair" is a surreal ballad that tells the story of a man who could not stop eating, the wife doomed to cook his meals and their ‘inveesible’ daughter.

Join acclaimed writer/performer Sarah Cameron as she takes you on a journey through a world of extreme compulsion and eye watering complacency, where domestic drudgery happens on an operatic scale and a father’s dereliction of duty reaches epic proportions.

Told in a rich and saucy Scots dialect with physical verve, a musical score that rolls in like the mist over the hills and a wee dram of whisky to oil the way, The Red Chair lies somewhere between a Grimms’ Tale, an absurdist ghost story and a parent’s guide on how not to bring up children.

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    Seaboard Memorial Hall
    East St.
    IV20 1UA
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