Theatre Sans Accents: Children French Drama Class (11+)

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Theatre Sans Accents: Children French Drama Class (11+)

  • Thu 29/09/2016 - Thu 15/12/2016
  • 5:30PM-7:00PM
  • Drama
  • 10-12, 13-17

Whether your child is learning French at school, one of the parents is French or simply you want him/her to learn French, join us in this interactive workshop where we will go through the basics of conversational French.
​The children will have the chance to test their capacities and learn new words and skills whilst being creative on stage (this class is also suitable if your child is a complete beginner). Drama games and improvisation exercises will be at the core of the class focusing on building up self assurance in the first place, playing around with sounds, developing vocabulary and discovering French culture.

No snails or frogs will be harmed or used during those workshops! Join us now!

Les Histrions  (11+)

£105 for 12 classes or £10 per class (siblings discount available)

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  • Location/venue

    The Wee Theatre at St Margaret's House
    St Margaret’s House theatre, 151 London Rd
    EH7 6AE